Monday, February 14, 2005

Love and Romance - Valentine Party

What is love? Some say it's a stranger, others say it's a drug, while others insist it's a verb and not a noun. Whether it's a battlefield, a many splendored thing, or a second hand emotion, we all experience it in different ways.

Last night we held a Valentine Party at Learning Times to share our ideas of what love and romance is, to play some games, and to just have some plain Frivoulous Unanticipated Nonsense (FUN). Present was Ale, Fernanda, Bettina, Bee, Karen, Rita and Aaron. After kicking off with a heart-filled message from Sergei, we proceeded to take turns talking about Valentine's Day traditions and practices in various countries. While doing so, we decorated the whiteboard with images, drawings, and messages (see screenshot #1). From commerical and religious influence, to the way family, friends, and lovers interact, we talked about the meaning of this romantic holiday in our respective countries.

From there we erased the whiteboard and proceeded to write anonymously on it words and phrases that represented our ideas of what is romantic (see screenshot #2). Since Aaron was the only male present, the women took turns trying to guess at which phrases he wrote and why. This quickly led to a discussion about the differences between love and romance, where Karen introduced us to the concept of entrainment, which, in the context of our discussion, meant the state of harmony, synchronicity, or interbeing that arises when two people become intimate and sincere with one another (did I get that right Karen?). This led to talks about hugs and kisses in different cultural contexts as well.

Finally, we played 'name that tune', where Bee played 5 different romantic songs and we tried guessing what they were. You can still play tis game by clicking the five links below and adding your guesses to the comment area:

Overall, we had a good time and got to know each other a little bit better. Please join us for another informal chat session next Sunday, the 20th of February, 22:00 GMT at TappedIn. See you there!


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