Thursday, March 31, 2005

Vance Stevens presenting

Vance Stevens presenting
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Susan Gaer has just introduced the pannel to the real and virtual audience and Vance is showing how the webheads have used various asynchronous and synchronous tools to help students get the best online.

Michael Coghlan (Australia) joins him to explain how he and Aiden Yeh (Taiwan) got together to organize an online event with Aiden's students listening to and discussing Michael's song. Vance plays Michael's song to the audience.
Aiden gives some feedback on how she prepared her students for the event beforehand.

Question from the audience: safety issues with students.

Aiden: events are organized among webheads, who tend to be reliable and trustworthy teachers but has warned students to webcaming outside.

Vance: chat areas webheads use are safe educational environments with no external interference.


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