Friday, February 10, 2006

Evidence of Blogging Success

I've just seen that our site is a featured resource in the online part of a seminar next week. Organised by the British Council, with many attendees in Manchester, and many more attending virtually through a Moodle, the theme is 'ICT in ELT: Putting the learning back into ICT'

One of the questions that has arisen regarding blogging is whether there are any
well-researched articles or studies (online or in print) on blogging in education.

They don't have to be related to language learning.

Can our blogging community help out by posting links and references to articles you know of?
I'm sure this could become a resource that we can all make use of.


Blogger Bee said...

We used to have it all on Venny's wiki (commented articles and resources on blogging, but for some reason the link is not working anymore). You can always check the list we compiled last year for each week of the Evo05 Course

12:33 AM  

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