Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Yesterday I attended an excellent online presentation that was hosted by Paul Stacey of BC Campus on the topic of Weblogs and Wikis. The presenters were Brian Lamb and Michelle Chua from the University of British Columbia's Office of Learning Technology. Brian and Michelle discuss what Weblogs, RSS and Wikis are and how these technologies are being used at UBC. They also briefly touch on Flickr and Furl.

The presentation is in Macromedia Breeze and requires about 1.5 hours to view.



Blogger Bee said...

Thanks for sharing this link with us Gerry. Brian Lamb is well known in blogosphere with his blog:
I believe he was one of the organizers of the Small Pieces Loosely Joined blogging event on the BC Campus last year. One of his articles on wikis is in the suggested readings of week 2 of the webquest.
I tried to view the presentation but it would not load. I disabled the pop up window...but still got an error message ;-)

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