Friday, April 29, 2005

Webheads meet at Yahoo for Video Conference

Originally uploaded by evo05.
Dr. Elizabeth Hanson Smith invited the webheads for a Video presentation for her graduate students in Sacramento.
Susan Nyrop (in Denmark) called a conference and you can see the screenshots as we wait for Elizabeth's green light to spring into action.On the left, our Yahoo chatscript with 8 webheads (Maggi, Bee, Susan, Sergei, Ale, Chrissan, Fernanda and Buthaina) chatting and celebrating a happy hour with Brazilian fruit cocktails and appetizers like fried manioc
or salami, mozzarella cheeze, dried tomatoes and olives. For dessert, how about some pitaya (dragon fruit)?

You can see some of the members of this very international group on their webcams. From top to bottom, Sergei in Belarus and Chrissan in Sweden. In the column on the right, Bee in Brazil, Ale in Argentina and Buthaina in Kuwait !


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