Monday, February 07, 2005

Advanced Writing and Grammar

Congratulations Wendy!

This looks like your students have enjoyed blogging so far
Well - I just opened Wendy Seale-Bakes EFL class blog and was happy to see that her students were actively writing their blogs. I was introduced as a mentor for Wendy last fall when she was doing her professional development courses at Capilano College - their online courses are developed and managed by Knowplace - another commmunity of practice, actually. One of the many topics that Wendy and I have been collaborating on, was a one week crash course in blogging. Ah well, this could be another long story, but anyway, Wendy - I was happy to see that now that you started doing blended courses, your students accepted and enjoyed the blog format for their work.

Advanced Writing and Grammar - Wendy's class blog


Blogger Graham said...

This is truly great - I love the way the blog is organised, and it looks like the students are doing some great work, and enjoying blogging. An excellent example of a class bloging project.

10:42 PM  

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