Sunday, May 08, 2005

WiA at the Tutor Mentor Conference - opening

The Tutor and Mentor Sunday Econference has just started with the Webheads joining in Michael Coghlan singing live from Adelaide, Australia. The song he has composed and that has been sung at many other online gatherings like this year's Tesol convention and with Aiden Yeh's students in Taiwan. Happy Online has become a WiA anthem.
Vance is introducing how the Webheads in Action Group Started and Maggi Dotty tells us how much she has enjoyed leading the Writing for Webheads Saturday sessions for students and the Tappedin tours.
We are all introducing ourselves now so I'd better go back there . See you later :-)


Blogger Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thanks for blogging the econference. From my count more then 39 people from many different countries were on line on Sunday, May 8. Many more joined on the Monday to Thursday sessions. The conference in Chicago was attended by 139 people. Next Monday, May 23, an eConference will be hosted by IUPUI.

All of these are intended to connect groups of people who are already working to help kids move through school and into careers with each other, and with ideas that can stimulate innovation and sustainability. I've been blogging this topic at

I'm looking for bloggers who will help aggregate blogs that focus on volunteer based tutoring/mentoring. If interested, email me at

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